Friday, February 26, 2016

Having FITS Over Digital Preservation?

Having FITS Over Digital Preservation? Jeffrey Erickson. NDSR Boston. February 11, 2016.
     FITS (File Information Tool Set) is an open source digital preservation tool designed to identify and validate a wide assortment of file formats, determine technical characteristics, and extract embedded metadata. The technical metadata from FITS can be exported to XML schemas. Digital preservation repositories contain a growing number of file formats. "Proper identification of a file’s format and the extraction of embedded technical metadata are key aspects of preserving digital objects. Proper identification helps determine how digital objects will be managed and extracting embedded technical metadata provides information that future repository staff or users need to render, transform, access and use the digital objects." The current version of FITS bundles many other tools together, and makes them all easier to use; some are: Droid; ExifTool; ffident; Jhove; MediaInfo (video files); New Zealand Metadata Extractor Tool. Using multiple tools can help verify the file information.

FITS consolidates and normalizes the output, providing a homogenized data set that is easier to interpret. The output can be inserted into other files, such as METS files, that can provide digital preservation documentation about the file.  FITS can assist with quality control, improving metadata, format migration metadata. FITS Sites:  GitHub

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