Tuesday, February 02, 2016

MDISC Archive Service

MDISC Archive Service. Website. Millenniata. January 29, 2016.
    The MDISC Archival Beta tool is now available. It automatically preserves all your photos and videos, past, present, and future by engraving them on M-Discs. The service archives files that are in a designated internet service, currently Google Photo, and archives the files to M-Discs, which is then delivered to the owner. [This is a service that I have been trying out for a few months - Chris.]

The free limited-time beta service gives you three months to try out unlimited file archiving on M-Discs. "Ultimate peace-of-mind comes when you can hold your data in your hands.  Your photos can't be lost, corrupted, hacked, or erased, and they'll last forever."

Included on the website is a video that shows people opening digital files they had saved for 8 years or more. One-third of Americans have lost photos and video and don't even know it yet. The automated archival service makes it easier to archive the files.

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