Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Do your Digital Records have an Expiration Date?

Do your Digital Records have an Expiration Date? Jon Tilbury. Information Management. March 22, 2016.
     A general article about the importance of digital preservation.  Some quotes of interest:
  • As more “born digital” content is produced every day, requirements get more complex, and the need for organization-wide digital preservation strategies becomes greater.
  • the consensus is that the “tipping-point” for accessing digital data is not 100 years after it is stored, but more realistically, around 10 years.
  • Ten years is a more realistic time-frame to consider when planning protection for critical and unique digital information assets. 
  • Building on reliable storage, digital preservation adds tools to accurately identify which formats are being used, pinpoint those at risk, and reliably recycle these into newer formats that can be read.
  • For many organizations, a proactive approach to safeguarding critical long-term digital records t using digital preservation technology is fast becoming a critical part of the overall information governance lifecycle.

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