Saturday, March 19, 2016

Preservation Watch

Preservation Watch. Barbara Sierman. DPC wiki. 12 February 2016.
     Preservation Watch is a well-accepted concept that was first created during the European PLANETS project by Barbara Sierman and Paul Wheatley. It goes beyond the OAIS monitoring activities and helps provide a better description of the Preservation Planning Functional Entity. The Planets Functional Model identifies 3 key preservation functions:
  1. Preservation Watch, 
  2. Preservation Planning and 
  3. Preservation Action.

Preservation Watch monitors internal and external entities, including the repository content. It deals with both the OAIS Administration and Preservation Planning areas. The Preservation Watch has 4 sub-functions:
  1. Monitor: collates preservation information from a variety of internal and external entities.
  2. Risk Analysis: assessment of this information, relaying critical risks to Preservation Planning.
  3. Representation Information Update: provides updates, including recording Risks and Executed Preservation Plans.
  4. Testbed:  a controlled environment for studying the operation of tools and services which will inform the Preservation Planning activities.

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