Friday, April 08, 2016

CNI Spring 2016 Trip Report

2016-04-05: CNI Spring 2016 Trip Report. Michael L. Nelson. Web Science and Digital Libraries Research Group. April 5, 2016.
     The article is his trip report on the CNI meetings. A few of the items listed are:
1. "Digital Preservation of Federal Information Summit". Martin Halbert, Katherine Skinner, discussed "...the topic of preservation and access to at-risk digital government information."

2. "Why We Need Multiple Archives". Michael L. Nelson, Herbert Van de Sompel. Slides.
  • Two Common Misconceptions About Web Archiving
    • old content is  obsolete, stale, bad
    • The Internet Archive has every copy of everything that has ever existed
  • There are other archives that may have the same or similar content. There may be a need to resolve conflicts with the content of the archives
  • A single archive is vulnerable.
  • In the Web world, in order to monetize their content the copyright owner has to minimize the number of copies.
  • Archives aren’t magic web sites They’re just web sites.
  • Don’t Throw Away the Original URL – Use Robust Links!
3.  "Defining the Scholarly Record for Computational Research", Victoria Stodden.  Presented the "Reproducible Research Standard",

4.  "Microservices Architecture: Building Scalable (Library) Software Solutions." Jason Varghese. A website provides a detailed discussion of the APIs they've implemented

5. Storytelling for Summarizing Collections in Web Archives. Michael Nelson.

6. "Activist Stewardship: The Imperative of Risk in Collecting Cultural Heritage".  Todd Grappone, Elizabeth McAulay, Heather Briston.  They presented about the Digital Ephemera Project, and in general the role of archivists in collecting materials that may cause trouble. "The Digital Ephemera Project is an initiative to digitize, preserve and provide broad public access to print items, images, multimedia, and social networking resources produced world-wide."

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