Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Floppy Disk Format Identifer Tool

Floppy Disk Format Identifer Tool. Euan Cochrane. Digital Continuity Blog. May 13, 2016.
     Euan created this tool (which he documents in this great blog post) to:
  1.     “Automatically” identify floppy disk formats from kryoflux stream files.
  2.     Enable “simple” disk imaging workflows that don’t include a disk format identification step during the data capture process.
The tool processes copies of floppy disk data saved in the kryoflux stream file format, creates a set of disk image files formatted according to assumptions about the disk’s format, and allows the user to try mounting the image files as file systems. It requires the Kryoflux program to function. The documentation also provides detailed information on how to use it, along with other interesting information.

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