Monday, June 13, 2016

Macro & Micro Digital Preservation Services & Tools

Rosetta Users Group 2016: Macro & Micro Digital Preservation Services & Tools. Chris Erickson. June 7, 2016. [PDF slides]
      This is my presentation at the Rosetta's User Group / Advisory Group held this past week in New York (I always enjoy these meetings; probably my favorite conference).
  • Preservation Micro Services: free-standing applications that perform a single or limited number of tasks in the larger preservation process. The presentation includes some of those we use in our processes, both from internet sites and those that we have created in-house. Micro services are often used in the following processes: 
    • Capture
    • Appraisal
    • Processing
    • Description
    • Preservation
    • Access
  • Preservation Macro Services: Institutional services and directions that assist organizations in identifying and implementing a combination of policies, strategies, and tactics to effectively meet their preservation needs. Some of these are:
    • Digital Preservation Policy Framework
    • Workflows
    • Storage plans
    • Financial Commitment and
    • Engaging the Community
"Practitioners can only make use of individual micro-services tools if they understand which roles they play in the larger digital curation and preservation process...." Richard Fyffe 

“We have to get this right. If we don't, then not much else that we’re doing in research libraries matters. If we don’t fully develop a sustainable digital preservation program, we could negatively impact whole areas of research, because materials created right now could just disappear. I think about gaps that exist in records because of man-made events and natural disasters. This could be a disaster of our own making.” Jennifer Paustenbaugh. University Librarian. 

Since starting in this position in 2002, our digital preservation challenges have changed and increased. Re-evaluating where we are heading and how we proceed is important. A combination of broad visions and practical applications can ensure the future use of digital assets

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