Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Digital Preservation of Photo Books

Digital Preservation of Photo Books. Mark Mizen. All About Images Blog. September 20, 2016.
     The post is a follow on to the paper Long-Term Digital Preservation of Photo Books presented at the International Symposium on Technologies for Digital Photo Fulfillment in Manchester, England. The  presentation highlights the need to think about photo books as not just a printed book but a combination of the printed book and the related electronic files, which are resources to be preserved.

Photo books give context to photos and provide an unparalleled source of information about life as it is happening. They are today’s scrapbooks and give a glimpse into everyday life. Preserving the digital file that created the photo book is important, but unfortunately, most manufacturers do not provide the digital file when the book is printed and the files are lost as soon as the book is printed.  The Forever company allows the PDF file to be saved and preserved. Always ask the photo book supplier for the files. 

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