Friday, November 18, 2016

Challenges and benefits of a collaboration of the Collaborators

Challenges and benefits of a collaboration of the Collaborators. William Kilbride, et al. Panel, iPres 2016.  (Proceedings p. 296-7 / PDF p. 149).
     The importance of collaboration in digital preservation has been emphasized by many professionals in the field. Because of rapid technological developments, the increase of digital material and the growing complexity of digital objects, "no one institution can do digital preservation on its own". Digital preservation related tasks and responsibilities has led to a network of relationships between various groups, such as the DPC and then other institutions, founded as a “collaborative effort to get digital preservation on the agenda of key decision-makers and funders”. These organizations are help to encourage collaboration to help libraries, archives, museums and experts to work together to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of digital sources

A logical next step is to establish a larger collaborative infrastructure to preserve all relevant digital data from the public sector. This would require storage facilities, but also knowledge and manpower to ensure proper management of the facilities. There must be agreement about which tasks and  responsibilities can be performed by the institutions themselves, and which could be carried out in collaboration with others. This seems to be the right time to join forces, to be more effective in our work, and to share our experiences. This can help answer questions about prioritization, solutions and policies for the next steps in international collaboration.

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