Tuesday, January 31, 2017

20 TB Hard Disk Drives, The Future Of HDDS

20 TB Hard Disk Drives, The Future Of HDDS. Tom Coughlin. Forbes. January 28, 2017.
     Interesting article on the status and future of hard drives. It looks at the declining market and the trends for hard disk drives over the next few years.  Overall drive shipments in 2016 dropped about 9.4%, meaning that 424 million drives were shipped in 2016. Of the total HDDs shipped in 2016:
  • Western Digital shipped 41% 
  • Seagate shipped 37%  
  • Toshiba shipped 22%.
"The long-term future of HDDs likely rests with high capacity HDDs, particularly in data centers serving cloud storage applications".  Seagate plans to ship 14 and 16 TB drives in the next 18 months, and possibly 20 TB drives in the next three years.

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