Friday, March 31, 2017

Procuring Digital Preservation: A Briefing

Procuring Digital Preservation: A Briefing.  Digital Preservation Coalition. 21 March 2017.
     Selecting and deploying solutions is especially challenging where the processes are new, or where the available resources are stretched, moving from project to ‘business as usual’ can be hard. This may be the case with digital preservation, but new digital preservation tools, services, and suppliers are emerging rapidly. This requires digital preservation staff make confident choices between different products. The increasing number and type of choices can lead to‘information overload,’ and delay the already complicated process. Even organisations that "properly understand their digital preservation needs can be frustrated in solving them, while solution providers have to meet impractical and at times unfeasible expectations."

The Digital Preservation Coalition hosted a briefing day to clarify requirements help find solutions. The presentations:
  • examine requirements from the perspective of the developer and the collection owner
  • discuss procedures for acquiring a preservation solution
  • discuss case studies and good practices for documenting requirements
  • examine current proprietary and open source solutions for digital preservation
  • Allow vendors to explain their own requirements 

Slides from several sessions are available:

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