Saturday, March 04, 2017

What Do IT Decision Makers Want?

What Do IT Decision Makers Want? Tom Coughlin. Forbes. March 1, 2017.
     An article that looks at a study of over 1,200 senior IT decision makers in 11 countries. Some findings

  • The vast majority of those surveyed have revised their storage strategy in the last 12 months because of frustrations with storage costs, performance, complexity and fragmentation of existing solutions. 
  • 60% say storage expenses are under increased scrutiny 
  • 95% are interested in the scalability and efficiency of software-defined storage. 
  • Digital storage is about 7% of the total IT budget.
  • Some concerns: 
    • High costs: 
      • 80% were concerned with the cost of their storage system
      • 92 % worry about managing storage costs as capacity needs grow. 
      • On average 70% of IT budgets are allocated to data storage 
    • Performance: 
      • 73% are concerned with the performance of their existing storage solution. 
    • Growing complexity and fragmentation: 
      • 71% of respondents said storage systems were complex and highly fragmented.  
  • Software-defined storage [which involves separating the storage capabilities and services from the storage hardware]  is playing significant roles in improving the utilization of storage resources and stretching storage budgets.

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