Saturday, April 08, 2017

New Home and Features for Sustainability of Digital Formats Site

New Home and Features for Sustainability of Digital Formats Site.  Kate Murray, Jaime Mears. The Signal. April 6, 2017.
     The Library of Congress web site, Sustainability of Digital Formats, contains "the technical aspects of digital formats with a focus towards strategic planning regarding formats for digital content, especially collection policies." The formats are divided into the type of object, which includes:
  • still image, sound, textual, moving image, web archive, datasets, geospatial and generic formats
The website shows the relationships between formats, including the sustainability factors and the quality and functionality for each content category.
  • Disclosure
  • Adoption
  • Transparency
  • Self-documentation
  • External dependencies
  • Impact of patents
  • Technical protection mechanisms
The new website is at and it now includes
  • The PRONOM ID and the Wikidata Title ID, both which help to document the formats, and 
  • The Library of Congress Recommended Formats Statement
The digital formats site continues to evolve to meet the Library’s and the digital preservation community’s changing needs.

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