Thursday, November 15, 2018

Announcing the Digital Processing Framework

Announcing the Digital Processing Framework. Erin Faulder, et al. bloggERS! November 13, 2018.   [PDF]
     The Digital Processing Framework suggests a minimum processing method for digital archival content. The framework brings together archival processing practice and digital preservation activities. The intention is to  promote consistent practices and to establish common terminologies.  A few of the 23 framework activities are: 
• Survey the collection
• Capture digital content off physical media
• Create checksums for transfer, preservation, and access copies
• Determine level of description
• Identify restricted material based on copyright/donor agreement
• Gather metadata for description
• Organize electronic files according to intellectual arrangement
• Perform file format analysis
• Identify deleted/temporary/system files
• Manage personally identifiable information (PII) risk
• Normalize files
There is a reusable Excel version of the framework as well. The framework is for people who "process born digital content in an archival setting and are looking for guidance in creating processing guidelines and making level-of-effort decisions for collections."  It was designed to be practical, usable, and adaptable to local institutional settings.

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