Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Cambridge University Libraries inaugural Digital Preservation Policy

Cambridge University Libraries inaugural Digital Preservation Policy. Somaya Langley. Digital Preservation at Oxford and Cambridge. 26 November 2018.
     The inaugural Cambridge University Libraries Digital Preservation Policy has been published. This can be compared to the Oxford Bodleian Libraries Digital Preservation Policy which was published earlier in the year. “Long-term preservation of digital content is essential to the University’s mission of contributing to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research.” The is a "dearth of much-needed policies".

A gap analysis found that a few key policies existed, but there were gaps or duplication. The policy process is never ending. The policies should be a ‘live and breathing’ process, with the policy document itself purely being there to keep a record of the agreed upon decisions and principles."

The digital preservation policy process may need to also review other relevant policies (such as the Collection Care and Conservation Policy) and add digital preservation statements. "In the longer term, while it might be ideal to combine a preservation policy into one (encompassing the conservation and preservation of physical and digital collection items), CUL’s digital preservation maturity and skill capabilities are too low at present. Focus needed to be really drawn to how to manage digital content, hence the need for a separate Cambridge University Libraries Digital Preservation Policy." There is a need include statements to the policy to "support better care for digital (and audiovisual) content still remaining on carriers (that are yet to be transferred)."

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