Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Digital Data Storage Outlook 2019

Digital Data Storage Outlook 2019. SpectraLogic, May 2019. [Download]
    The fourth annual Data Storage Outlook report from Spectra Logic looks at the management, usage and storage of data. Some notes on data:
  • A 2018 IDC report predicts that the Global Datasphere will grow to 175 zettabytes (ZB) of digital data by 2025, though this report projects that much of this data will never be stored or will be retained for only a brief time.The amount of “stored” digital data is a smaller subset.
  • While there will be great demand for storage, a lack of advances in a particular technology, such as magnetic disk, means a greater use of other storage mediums such as flash and tape.
  • Increasing scale, level of collaboration, and diverse workflows are moving users from traditional file-based storage to object / web storage. Rather than attempting to force all storage into a single model, a sensible combination of both is the best approach.
  • There is a need for project assets to be shared across a team so they can be the basis for future work. An example is video footage that needs to be used by teams of editors, visual effects, audio editing, music scoring, color grading, and more. 
  • The lifetime of raw assets is effectively forever and they may be migrated across storage technologies many times

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