Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 2011 Digital Universe Study: Extracting Value from Chaos.

The 2011 Digital Universe Study: Extracting Value from Chaos.  IDS Website.  June 2011.
In 2011 the amount of information created and replicated will surpass 1.8 zettabytes in about 500 quadrillion 'files'. About 75% of the information is created by individuals. The amount of information individuals create themselves is less than the information being created about them (your digital shadow).  As the digital universe expands and gets more complex, processing, storing, managing, securing, and disposing of the information in it become more complex as well.  The calls to action include:

  • Investigate new tools for creating metadata
  • Decide on the most important data projects, along with the needed data sets and tools and create an enterprise data strategy
  • Stay close to the latest strategies and practices
  • Be aggressive in developing and managing storage management tools
  • Set the strategy and build a process for sharing resources
  • Begin creating the needed skill sets, mindsets, and processes needed to best use the data
  • Collaborate with partners and suppliers
The growth of the digital universe is a challenge but also brings a way for new and exciting uses of data.

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