Monday, October 17, 2011

Digital Preservation-Friendly File Formats for Scanned Images.

Digital Preservation-Friendly File Formats for Scanned Images.  Bill LeFurgy. The Signal. October 12, 2011.
Some digital file formats are better for preservation than others.  The best format for preservation is one where the content can be viewable accurately regardless of changes in hardware, software or other technical changes. The Library of Congress has created a web resource to help in selecting file formats, and which will help in understanding how effective formats for long-term preservation.
  • Disclosure of specifications and tools for validating technical integrity
  • Adoption by the primary creators and users of information resources
  • Openness to direct basic and non-propriety tools
  • Self-documentation of metadata needed to render the data as usable information or understand its context
  • Degree to which the format depends on specific hardware, operating system, or software for rendering the information and how difficult that may be.
  • Extent that licenses or patents may inhibit the ability to sustain content.
  • Technical protection mechanisms. Embedded capabilities to restrict use in order to protect the intellectual property.
 Using these factors has helped determine formats that may be more sustainable than others. 

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