Friday, May 25, 2012

Online Sharing of Digital Preservation Problems and Solutions

Online Sharing of Digital Preservation Problems and Solutions.
The vision of the Open Planets Foundation from the beginning is that meaningful discussions around actual Digital Preservation problems are key to finding solutions, tools and ultimately improving digital preservation practice.  It encourages people to document issues and search for practical solutions to the problems. 

The online digital preservation community needs to be driven by content issues, practical solutions and above all meaningful discussions between all stakeholders. Digital Preservation might be a technology challenge but it is definitely not for the sake technology, it is about keeping digital content safe and accessible. The technology serves the digital content users and curators. The digital preservation practitioners for small to medium institutions where people have multiple roles are clearly the collection owner. For larger institutions, this becomes more of a distributed role among those with different technical responsibilities. By involving all the groups everyone can benefit from the larger organizations and  can often take actions on today’s problems as experienced by practitioners of medium/small institutes.

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