Sunday, April 21, 2013

NDSA Content Case Studies.

NDSA Content Case Studies. National Digital Stewardship Alliance. March 2013.
The NDSA Content Working Group is developing case studies about the importance of preserving digital materials in order to " engage all members of the community in the preservation of content and to encourage the cultivation of relationships that could enable preservation."  There are several completed case studies. The Case Studies:
  • Establish the value of the content and the reasons for selecting it for preservation. What is the value of the content and what factors may increase the risk of it disappearing.
  • Document the opportunities to preserve the content in its creation or distribution. 
  • Describe target audiences/stakeholders. Who would find value in content and how might they be involved in preserving it.
  • Outline a plan to educate stakeholders to increase their awareness. 
  • Describe potential obstacles or risk factors and the options for overcoming them.
  • Develop specific actions that can be taken to ensure the important content is preserved.

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