Saturday, April 06, 2013

Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving - Digital Preservation.

Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving - Digital Preservation. Signal. Library of Congress.
March 22, 2013. [PDF, 79 pages].
This is a published compilation of selected blog posts published in The Signal that focus on personal digital archiving. Individuals face the same challenges with digital materials as institutions. 

The content is grouped under three general headings:
  • Personal Digital Archiving Guidance:  including tips for preserving digital photographs, archiving cell phone messages, image resolution to use, family history and digital preservation, personal archiving in the cloud,getting your digital affairs in order, and others.
  • Personal Reflections on Personal Digital Archiving:  examples of personal experience, working with obsolete files, 
  • Personal Digital Archiving Outreach:  personal digital archiving kit, reports of presentations, events and online sessions.
In the future, any studies of our time period will require using born-digital sources: websites, email, digital photographs and many other material that exist only in electronic form. The same is true for people wanting to pass on their personal photos and files.

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