Saturday, May 11, 2013

British Library Digital Preservation Strategy

British Library Digital Preservation Strategy. The British Library. March 2013.
The British has published their digital preservation strategy for 2013 - 2016. Their vision is that by 2020 they will put in place end-to-end workflows that deliver and preserve their digital collections in a trusted long term digital repository so that they may be accessed by future users.
This is not a strategy for the digital preservation team alone, but a strategy for the whole library. They are working to confidently, reliably, and cost-effectively manage and preserve all types of digital content destined for long term preservation and embed best practice in digital collection content management in all areas of the Library. With acquisition comes responsibility: we must preserve and make this content accessible for our future users. They recognize a benefit from collaboration with other national and international institutions on digital preservation initiatives

This strategy outlines four strategic priorities to be met by 2016:
  1. Ensure our digital repository can store and preserve our collections for the long term:
  2. Manage the risks and challenges associated with digital preservation throughout the digital collection content lifecycle
  3. Embed digital sustainability as an organisational principle for digital library planning and development not just technical solutions but also clear organisational
  4. commitment and resources.

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