Saturday, May 11, 2013

The NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation: An Explanation and Uses.

The NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation: An Explanation and Uses. Megan Phillips, et al. National Digital Stewardship Alliance. February 28, 2013.
     The National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) is refining a a set of recommendations and guidelines for those involved with preserving digital assets long term.  The guidelines are organized into five functional areas that are at the heart of digital preservation systems: storage and geographic location, file fixity and data integrity, information security, metadata, and file formats.

The tiered, matrix approach of the Levels of Digital Preservation features multiple levels and content areas that can be adapted over time. The flexible approach allows users to achieve different levels in different content areas according to their unique needs and resources.

The guidelines were initially developed as a reference for prioritizing enhancements to digital preservation systems. They are also useful for developing guidelines for content creators, validate local preservation guidance, as minimum requirements for developing preservation services,  and to help assess compliance with best practices.

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