Tuesday, March 31, 2015

PERICLES Environment Extraction Project

PERICLES Environment Extraction Project and tools. Website. 12/11/2014.
The PERICLES project is trying to keep digital content accessible when the digital environment continues to change. The website discusses environment information, what it is, why it is important, and how to collect it.

Digital objects are created and exist in environments and the information about it can be important to their current and long term use and re-use of the content. This information, which needs to be collected at creation and throughout the object's life cycle time, is very relevant for preserving the data long-term. Most metadata standards describe the object but ignore the environment. Some examples of environmental information include dependencies (what you need in order to use the object), environment reconstruction, resource status, validation, monitoring and extraction techniques.

The PERICLES Extraction Tool (PET), as discussed in an article in D-Lib Magazine by Fabio Corubolo, has been created to extract environmental information from where objects are created and modified. It analyses the use of the data within the environment that may not be available later.

Sheer curation (as in lightweight or transparent) depends on data capture being embedded within the data creators’ working practices so that it is automatic and invisible to them..

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