Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Mining the Archives: Metadata Development and Implementation

Mining the Archives: Metadata Development and Implementation. Martin White. Ariadne.
13 February 2015.
This is review of articles in the Ariadne archives on metadata. Michael Day, Metadata Officer at UKOLN, contributed a short paper to Ariadne on the implications of metadata for digital preservation. He set out five important questions which still represent challenges for the profession:
  • Who will define what preservation metadata are needed?
  • Who will decide what needs to be preserved?
  • Who will archive the preserved information?
  • Who will create the metadata?
  • Who will pay for it?
The challenges of metadata development and implementation are substantial. A paper “Application Profiles: Mixing and Matching Metadata Schemas” talks about the roles of those making the metadata standards and those using them:
Both sets of people are intent on describing resources in order to manipulate them in some way. Standard makers are concerned to agree a common approach to ensure inter-working systems and economies of scale. However implementors, although they may want to use standards in part, in addition will want to describe specific aspects of a resource in a “special” way. Although the separation between those involved in standards making and implementation may be considered a false dichotomy, as many individuals involved in the metadata world take part in both activities, it is useful to distinguish the different priorities inherent in the two activities.

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