Friday, April 03, 2015

Dutch digital developments

Dutch digital developments.  Digital Preservation Seeds. March 29, 2015.
There are national strategy plans to streamline and intensify initiatives concerning the digital heritage and to focus on collaboration between all “cultural heritage organizations’ in the Netherlands. The collaboration would look at the big organisations in specific areas offering services and assistance to  their colleagues from smaller organizations. Also by having shared initiatives across types of institutions, such as museums and archives, to make collected material more visible to the public.
The goals of the working groups are:
  1. Making digital heritage visible. Identify what the public expects expects from digital heritage and how they want to use it, and how to promote the digital collections to make them more visible. 
  2. Making digital heritage usable. Look for ways to improve collections, the find-ability, and to work together with researchers to improve search facilities.
  3. Preserve digital heritage for the long term. The infrastructure for digital preservation needs to be developed and to use already existing experience and facilities.
Achieving these goals will hopefully lead to an integrated approach to improve the access and preservation of our digital heritage. 

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