Saturday, June 20, 2015

30 percent of servers are ‘Comatose’, capital in enterprise data centers is wasted

New data supports finding that 30 percent of servers are ‘Comatose’, indicating that nearly a third of capital in enterprise data centers is wasted. Jonathan Koomey and Jon Taylor. Anthesis Group. June 3, 2015.
The report shows that utilization of servers in business and enterprise data centers “rarely exceeds 6%” (i.e, they deliver no more than six percent of their maximum computing output on average over the course of the year) and two groups have found that up to 3.6 million servers (30%) are comatose, meaning that they are using electricity but delivering no useful information services (abandoned or never used).

"In the twenty first century, every company is an IT company, but too many enterprises settle for vast inefficiencies in their IT infrastructure. The existence of so many comatose servers is a clear indication that the ways IT resources in enterprises are designed, built, provisioned, and operated need to change. The needed changes are not primarily technical, but revolve instead around management practices, information flows, and incentives." The two groups offer online efficiency calculators.

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