Friday, June 19, 2015

Digital Preservation Metadata and Improvements to PREMIS in Version 3.0

Digital Preservation Metadata  and Improvements to PREMIS in  Version  3.0. Angela Dappert. May 27, 2015. [PDF]
This is the notes from a DCMI/ASIS&T joint webinar about PREMIS v. 3. The PDF document has 63 slides which gives an overview of why digital preservation metadata is needed, shows examples of digital preservation metadata, shows how PREMIS can be used to capture this metadata, and shows some of the changes in version 3.0.

Digital preservation metadata is the metadata needed to ensure long-term accessibility of digital resources. Digital objects must be self-descriptive independently from the systems that were used to create them. PREMIS is the de-facto standard for metadata to support the preservation of digital objects and ensure their long-term usability. It is a common data model for organizing/thinking about preservation metadata, or for exchanging information packages between repositories. It is not an out-of-the-box solution, nor all the metadata needed.

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