Monday, July 20, 2015

Open Source Tools for Records Management

Open Source Tools for Records Management. National Archives and Records Administration. March 18, 2015. [PDF, 22pp.]
      NARA has identified open source tools that could be used for records management, but it does not include proprietary free software tools. Security is a concern with some implementations of open source tools.  These are  neither tested nor endorsed by NARA. The list of tools is approximately 18 pages; the tools address functionality, such as:
managing workflows; identifying duplicates; extracting and managing metadata; handling email archives; web publishing; data analyzing; working with PDF files; preservation planning; scanning files; identifying confidential data; file renaming; web archiving; comparing web pages; document managing; format identification; file integrity; image processing; and natural language processing.

The document also contains lists of other resources and tools.

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