Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Managing Chaos Through Digital Governance

Managing Chaos Through Digital Governance. Patrick K. Burke, Lisa Welchman. CIO Insight. March 23, 2015.
     An interview that discusses digital governance and change. Organizations should have a digital leadership who, with the executive level, should initiate a digital strategy. If the digital strategy does not tie in to the organizational goals then problems result. Digital strategies that start at the bottom of an organization and are built only on a foundation of digital best practices may be helpful but may not accomplish what the organization needs.  Organizations need to make sure that digital area experts make decisions about digital standards after getting input from key stakeholders. It is the stakeholders that know what is supposed to be happening.
  • Chaos has a way of slipping into an organization and creating problems that grow exponentially over time. 
  • With so much innovation, collaboration and bottom-line focused initiatives involving digital assets, there is a very real need to provide a framework to manage this change. Digital governance helps with this process.  
  • The opposite of digital governance is making it up and funding it as you go along, maintaining a project instead of operational view when it comes to digital. 
  • The golden rule is if you know what you are making, how you are making it and who is supposed to be making it, then you ought to be governing firmly, particularly if you are trying to bring something to scale. 
  • If you are just exploring, then some chaos can be good. That’s why I often recommend that digital teams maintain a research and development component that gets to explore the chaos.

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