Thursday, August 06, 2015

The Personal Digital Archiving 2015 Conference

The Personal Digital Archiving 2015 Conference. Mike Ashenfelder. Library of Congress Signal. August 3, 2015.   
     The conference is about preserving digital collections outside the scope of large cultural institutions, including family history, community history, genealogy and digital humanities.  Digital video is important as evidence and cultural records, especially of news events. Every individual, family and community should consider the cultural importance of their digital photos.
  • “The value of the artifact – and what we keep trying to tell young people – is that they are the authors of a history in the making.” 
  • The archives people are creating are "exactly the same kinds of images that filmmakers like us use to make a documentary. People in the future will be looking through their images to try to understand who we are today.” 
  • "Personal photos mingle with family personal photos to become a larger archive, a family archive. Facebook has spawned a “local history” phenomena, where members of a community post their personal photos and comments, and the individual personal contributions congeal organically into a community history site."
  • Increasingly we hear from colleges and universities, usually — though not exclusively — from their librarians, expressing concern that students and faculty may not be aware of the need to preserve their digital stuff.
Instead of commercial products at the conference, presentations, workshops and posters shared practical information about projects that used open-source tools:
A few of the many presentations at the conference include:

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