Thursday, August 06, 2015

figshare gets serious about storage; partnership with DuraCloud

figshare gets serious about storage. Dan Valen. Website. June 17, 2015. 
     A new partnership has been created with DuraCloud to better manage and store an institution’s research data. figshare is a repository where users can make their research outputs available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner. This is combined with the storage, management, and preservation functionalities of DuraCloud. The figshare and DuraCloud collaboration will then ensure all of the captured data is managed and preserved appropriately to align with institutional and funder policies.

The data can be pushed from figshare to DuraCloud that has archiving options which will ensure that the data follows data management plan and grant requirements for archiving and preservation. DuraCloud is open source software and can function within Amazon S3 storage or part of any existing institutional infrastructure. DuraCloud can also connect to Amazon Glacier, Digital Preservation Network (DPN) and Chronopolis. This can be a service for added archiving and preservation of all figshare content. 

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