Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What is actually happening out there in terms of institutional data repositories?

What is actually happening out there in terms of institutional data repositories?  Ricky Erway. OCLC Research. July 27, 2015.
     Academic libraries are talking about providing data curation services for their researchers.  In most cases they offer just training and advice, but not actual data management services. While technical, preservation, and service issues can be challenging, the funding issues are probably the thing that inhibits this service most. This is an important service that supports the university research mission.

The survey shows of the 22 institutions that answered the survey:
  • stand-alone data repository: 8
  • combination institutional repository and data repository: 12
  • DSpace: 6
  • Hydra/Fedora systems: 6
  • locally developed systems: 4
  • Rosetta, Dataverse, SobekCM, and HUBzero: 1 each
For preservation services:
  • all provide integrity checks except 1
  • keep offsite backup copies: 17
  • provide format migration: 12
  • put master files in a dark archive: 10
For funding:
  • the library’s base budget covered at least some of the expenses: 18
  • the library budget the only source of funding: 7
  • receive fees from researchers: 7
  • receive fees from departments: 4
  • receive institutional funding specifically for data management: 5
  • receive money from the IT budget: 4
  • receive direct funds from grant-funded projects: 1
  • receive indirect funds from grant-funded projects: 1

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