Saturday, October 10, 2015

Software benchmark initiatives

Software benchmarks in digital preservation: Do we need them? Can we have them? How do we get them? Kresimir Duretec. Open Preservation Foundation Blog. 9th Oct 2015.
     Blog post that addresses the need for improving software evaluations in digital preservation. "A significant part of the work in digital preservation field is dependent on various software tools." Achievements have been made in various areas of digital preservation but it is quite hard to quantify how successful this has been. The lack of demonstrated evidence an important research challenge to be addressed. The BenchmarkDP project explores improving software evaluations in the digital preservation field with software benchmarks, as discussed in their paper. Two initiatives have been started:
  1. A Benchmarking forum at this year’s IPRES conference to discuss possible scenarios which are in need of proper benchmarks. 
  2. A short consultation to gather more information around current practices in software evaluation.
These initiatives should be a good starting point for a wider community involvement and better understanding of software evaluation needs in the digital preservation field.

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