Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Five Takeaways from AOIR 2015

Five Takeaways from AOIR 2015. Rosalie Lack. Netpreserve blog. 18 November 2015. 
     A blog post on the annual Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR) conference in
Phoenix, AZ. The key takeaways in the article:
  1. Digital Methods Are Where It’s At.  Researchers are recognizing that digital research skills are essential. And, if you have some basic coding knowledge, all the better. The Digital Methods Initiative from Europe has tons of great information, including an amazing list of tools.
  2. Twitter API Is also Very Popular
  3. Social Media over Web Archives. Researchers used social media more than web archived materials.  
  4. Fair Use Needs a PR Movement. There is a lot of misunderstanding or limited understanding of fair use, even for those scholars who had previously attended a fair use workshop. Many admitted that they did not conduct particular studies because of a fear of violating copyright. 
  5. Opportunities for Collaboration.  Many researchers were unaware of tools or services they can use and/or that their librarians/archivists have solutions.
There is a need for librarians/archivists to conduct more outreach to researchers and to talk with them about preservation solutions, good data management practices and copyright.

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