Monday, November 23, 2015

Introduction to Metadata Power Tools for the Curious Beginner

Introduction to Metadata Power Tools for the Curious Beginner. Maureen Callahan, Regine Heberlein, Dallas Pillen. SAA Archives 2015. August 20, 2015.   PowerPoint  Google Doc 
      "At some point in his or her career, EVERY archivist will have to clean up messy data, a task which can be difficult and tedious without the right set of tools." A few notes from the excellent slides and document:

Basic Principles of Working with Power Tools
  • Create a Sandbox Environment: have backups. It is ok to break things
  • Think Algorithmically: Break a big problem down into smaller steps
  • Choosing a Tool: The best tools, works for your problem and skill set
  • Document: Successes, failures, procedures
Dare to Make Mistakes
  • as long as you know how to recognize and undo them!
  • view mistakes as an opportunity
  • mistakes can teach you as much about your data as about your tool
  • share your mistakes so others may benefit
  • realize that everybody makes them
General Principles
  • Know the applicable standards
  • Know your data
  • Know what you want
  • Normalize your data before you start a big project
  • The problem is intellectual, not technical
  • Use the tools available to you
  • Don’t do what a machine can do for you
  • Think about one-off operations vs. tools you might re-use or re-purpose
  • Think about learning tools in terms of raising the level of staff skill
  • XPath
  • Regex
  • XQuery
  • XQuery Update
  • XSLT
  • batch
  • Linux command line
  • Python
  • AutoIt

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