Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Building a Digital Preservation Strategy

Building a Digital Preservation Strategy. Edward Pinsent. DART Blog, University of London Computer Centre. 23 November 2015.
     A presentation on how to develop a digital preservation strategy. The blog and the slides included the following points:
  • Start small, and grow the service. Do it in stages
  • You already have knowledge of your collections and users – so build on that
  • Ask why you are doing digital preservation, who will benefit, and what are you preserving
  • Build use cases
  • Determine your own organisational capacity for the task
  • Reasons why metadata matters (intellectual control, manage and document
  • Determine your digital preservation strategies before talking to IT or vendors
The presentations also includes several scenarios that would address digital preservation needs incrementally and meet requirements for different audiences, such as archivists, records managers, and users:
  • Bit-level preservation (access deferred)
  • Emphasis on access and users
  • Emphasis on archival care of digital objects
  • Emphasis on legal compliance
  • Emphasis on income generation

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