Thursday, December 10, 2015

The digital data revolution: top 5 storage predictions for 2016

The digital data revolution: top 5 storage predictions for 2016. Posted by Ben Rossi, Sourced from Nik Stanbridge, Arkivum. Information Age. December 9, 2015.
    The need for storage and archiving services keeps growing.
  1. Video footage will continue to require a lot of storage. "The requirement will be for very large amounts of highly secure, incorruptible long-term storage."
  2. Momentum will grow for outsourcing. "In-house IT will ‘let go’ and realise that the benefits of outsourcing to specialty archive storage providers will far outweigh concerns about security, access and control. IT will be happy not to have to worry about buying too much storage too early, or being caught short with not enough. They’ll realise that predictable costs and outsourcing resource-intensive headaches like upgrades and system migration will make a lot of sense. The clue is in the name: service. Using a managed service, as in-house IT departments already do for so many other services, will be a burden removed."
  3. Many will still confuse data archiving with data backup
  4. Scientific needs will outpace storage capacities
  5. Digital preservation will require ultra-reliable storage. One of the fundamental tenets of digital preservation is that it’s for the long-term
"With the rise of the Internet of Things, big data and personal data, there will be a huge and fundamental shift. And as organisations start to make things intelligent, this will become a major engine for creating new products and new services."

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