Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Explained

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Explained. December 8, 2015.
     The DPN digital preservation service guarantees academic institutions that scholarly resources will survive into the “far-future”. DPN is "the only large-scale digital preservation service that is built to last beyond the life spans of individuals, technological systems, and organizations". Like insurance, DPN provides a guarantee that future access to scholarly resources will be available in the event of any type of change in administrative or physical institutional environments. This is possible by establishing a redundant and varied technical and legal infrastructure at multiple administrative levels. DPN is a scholarly “dark archive” which means that the content stored is not actively used or accessed, but that it can be made available for use at any time from multiple digital storage facilities.

Academic institutions require that key aspects of their scholarly histories, heritage and research remain part of the record of human endeavor. DPN members will begin adding digital assets to the network through DuraCloud Vault, a cooperative development between DPN, DuraSpace and Chronopolis which will serve as the primary ingest point beginning in January.

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