Monday, March 07, 2016

Pursuing the "Long Tail" of Elusive Publishers

Pursuing the "Long Tail" of Elusive Publishers. Stephanie Orphan, Amy J. Kirchoff, Kate Wittenberg. Center for Research Libraries. Webinar. Wednesday, February 24, 2016.
     Pursuing the "Long Tail" is the first in a series of four CRL webinars that will examine the benefits, capabilities and possibilities of the Portico digital preservation service.
The archived title coverage information shows what titles are not archived in Portico, CLOCKSS, LOCKSS, or JSTOR, compared to the total number of journals listed by CrossRef. The slide shows:
  • Titles Preserved Somewhere: 28,473 (62%)
  • Titles Not Preserved Anywhere: 17,388 (38%)
In the slide, there are 28 publishers that publish over 200 titles, while there are 4,650 that publish 1 or 2 titles and they have 4,039 titles that are not preserved anywhere. That will take a long time to include all those publishers. Libraries can help by:
  • Providing the names of specific publishers that are a high priority.
  • Providing categories of publishers or  platforms that are a high preservation priority.
  • Talking to publishers about participating in a preservation service

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