Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Has Launched and Is Accepting Content

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) Has Launched and Is Accepting Content.  Mary Molinaro. D-Lib Magazine. March/April 2016.
    Several years ago a group of academic leaders examined the risk to future scholars if the digital output from academia is not properly preserved and felt that the risk of loss was very high if nothing was done to protect against natural disasters, technological failure, or institutional failure. They pledged to create a large-scale digital preservation service that is built to last beyond the life spans of individuals, technological systems, and organizations. After three years of work, the resulting Digital Preservation Network is open and is accepting content from members. Five preservation repositories make up the DPN network. They have varying technical architectures and replicate content and perform services to safeguard the content. Content from member institutions can be added to DPN through two sites: DuraCloud Vault and the Academic Preservation Trust. The deposited content is replicated to the other nodes (Hathitrust, the Texas Preservation Node, and the Stanford Digital Repository).

DPN operates as an independent organization under the umbrella of Internet2 and is currently examining ways to open up DPN to other kinds of members.  More information is available at the DPN website.

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