Monday, March 14, 2016

Archives and SharePoint

Archives and SharePoint. Heather Emily Roberts. HerArchivist. March 8, 2016.
     Post that looks at "Is SharePoint (or other flexible cloud-based ERMS software) suitable for digital repositories of archives?"  Some pros and cons of using SharePoint as a digital repository:
  • Can lock documents against editing
  • Tells you when documents were last accessed and by whom
  • Will not serve long-term needs of accessibility or use of records
  • Will not support migration requirements of archival records
  • Will not guarantee integrity of archival records during software updates
  • Does not conform to OAIS model
  • Archive preservation practices are not standard
The main recommendation if using SharePoint as an Electronic Record Management System is to export archival documents to an OAIS compliant system (some are listed).
[We use our harvest tool to import permanent SharePoint records into our Rosetta system - Chris.]

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