Monday, November 07, 2016

The Nuclear Bunker Preserving Movie History

The Nuclear Bunker Preserving Movie History. George Willeman, film archivist.  Great Big Story. Oct 10, 2016.
     A short video about the Library of Congress movie and film archive which is located in an underground bunker in Culpepper, Virginia. The bunker was originally a gold storage unit and later a fallout shelter during the Cold War. Today the Library of Congress stores film there. It is used to ensure the survival of the nations films through restoration and preservation. Besides storing, the center also specializes in repairing and processing films of many different types and sizes. It also includes nitrate films in 124 nitrate film vaults. Some of the films are over 100 years old. They preserve old and new films for the historical value, not necessarily the monetary value. The purpose is to remember what the early times were like, what we had and what we did. "Film is one of the absolute best ways of doing that."

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