Monday, April 17, 2017

Rosetta Knowledge Center

Rosetta Knowledge Center. Ex Libris. April 17, 2017.
     One of the things that I like about Rosetta, is the Ex Libris commitment to an open system. While the software may be proprietary, the essential content is open. The permanent objects and metadata are stored openly, so that they can be accessed or managed outside of the Rosetta software.

Another area that Ex Libris has opened is their Knowledge Center. This is very helpful in training new employees, learning new things about the software, or refreshing my memory. The open website includes:
  • Product Documentation
  • Training: Learn new skills with tutorials, recorded training and other materials
  • Release Notes about the features and capabilities of each product version
  • Implementation Guides that explain the methodology and requirements
  • Knowledge Articles providing answers to help answer questions

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