Thursday, August 03, 2017

Library Preservation Workflows: Importing, Exporting, and Managing Content

Library Preservation Workflows: Importing, Exporting, and Managing Content. Chris Erickson. June 12, 2017. [PDF slides]
     This is my presentation at the Eight Annual Rosetta's Advisory Group meeting held in June at the wonderful University of Sheffield. This is my favorite conference because of the attendees, the topics discussed, the interaction with the Ex Libris employees who attend, and the many things I learn about digital preservation and Rosetta, in the Advisory meeting and in the accompanying Rosetta Users Group. I hate to see this conference end.

The short presentation is a view of some of the ongoing changes and refinements we have made to our digital preservation workflow in the past year. We have worked to streamline our processes, both because of the increased volume of content we ingest into Rosetta, and also the desire to minimize the file movement and copying during the processing. In addition, we have used our preservation repository to recover documents in our access systems that became unavailable.

During the year we have updated our digital preservation policies to help determine our preservation selection workflow. They include:
The changes have helped with a smoother transition from selection and acquisition, processing and SIP creation and submission to Rosetta, and the preservation disposition.

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