Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sustaining The Value: The British Library Digital Preservation Strategy 2017-2020

Sustaining The Value: The British Library Digital Preservation Strategy 2017-2020. British Library. January 2017.
     The strategy document is intended to guide the Library’s digital preservation activities for the next few years. It identifies strategic priorities as well as the the roles and responsibilities of those who will deliver the strategy.  The digital preservation challenges include technological obsolescence, media integrity, bit rot, digital rights management, metadata and others. Also important are
  • Proactive Lifecycle management
  • Integrity & validation
  • Fragility of storage media
"Digital Preservation is the combination of actions and interventions required throughout the digital content lifecycle to ensure continued and reliable access to authentic digital materials." Digital preservation is not just a technical challenge. "It necessitates an ongoing and typically recursive series of actions and interventions throughout the lifecycle to ensure continued & reliable access to authentic digital objects,for as long as they are deemed to be of value."  

Their vision is to make sure that "end-to-end workflows are in place that deliver and preserve our digital collections in a trusted long term digital repository so that they may be accessed by future users.” Other notes:
  • Control and consistency throughout the lifecycle is therefore an essential aspect of large scale, sustainable preservation.   
  • Priorities include: 
    • Changes to the existing technical repository infrastructure 
    • Ingest digital collections with metadata for long term preservation
    • Management and reporting will be documented and provide assurance and evidence of preservation 
    • Deliver content to users from the long term repository in a timely and reliable manner
  • Also important is to embed the skills and resources needed to sustain this approach into the future.

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